"Trust is like blood pressure. It's silent, vital to good health, and if abused it can be deadly." --Frank Sonnenberg

This quote about trust and blood pressure appeals to the nurse in me, Rachel Maree!

In all honesty, building strong relationships with clients is the foundation of any business. And to do that you need trust.

So why should you trust me to help with your small business?

First, you need to know a few things about me!

  • I am a mum of two beautiful and energetic children.
  • Coffee is LIFE (in our household it is called life's elixir)!
  • I am a registered nurse - hearts are my specialty.
  • Currently I live in Melbourne with my husband, 2 children, cat and dog, however I will always be a country girl at heart!
  • Family is my number one priority.
  • I run my own small biz (several now, actually)!

With over 7 years of content writing under my belt, I have written for many amazing clients and been published at fantastic places such as Ripe Maternity, Milk and Love and Essential Baby.

As a self confessed geek I love to learn! I am constantly updating my knowledge and skills (especially SEO which is an ever-changing game).

With numerous courses on Content Marketing, SEO, Content Writing and Email Marketing under my belt I have a huge arsenal of tools and knowledge to help you master content creation for your small business.

Rachel Maree. Small Business Content Creator.

What a Content Writer can do for you

It isn’t always easy creating the right content or crafting words to engage your target audience. Writing does not come naturally to everyone. And this is where a content writer is a perfect asset for your business.

I know that as a busy business owner (and mum) you don’t want to lose precious time staring at blank screens or pulling your hair out with frustration when you can't think of those perfect words or a content marketing strategy.

Creating compelling content that converts is not just finding the perfect words. It is also:

⚡ Discovering your “voice” as a brand.

⚡ Finding the right content marketing strategy for your unique business.

⚡ Using the right set of tools and resources for your content creation.

⚡ Promoting your content so it is seen by your target audience.

⚡ Getting your business seen and heard whilst maintaining authenticity and staying true to your business (and yourself).

As a content specialist, I am here to help you do all the above and so much more!

Spend more time with your family, rather than writing and creating content.

Find the joy in your business again, instead of feeling tired and frustrated.

Helping small businesses is such a passion of mine. I want to see you not only succeed, but thrive! Don't you want that too?

Services and Solutions! Choose your content cure.

Services For You

Custom content creation, work with Rachel 1:1

I will work with you to help propel your business to the next level!

From every aspect of content writing to things as simple as product descriptions.

Solutions For You!

Content creation packages for small biz!

4 EASE Pilllars Strategy - mini course.

Just released! The powerful method you need to have your small biz seen, heard and selling.

Steal these freebies!

Free resources and tools for busy small biz owners

A collection of FREE powerful content tools, templates and resources to help you master content creation, marketing and writing!

Get started today.

Self Educate Yourself!

A collection of free resources, tips and tools. 

Master content writing at your own pace.

Come over to the blog for handy tools, the best tips and great information for small business.

A passion for small business

I know you have a passion for your business, just like I have for mine!

You want your business to grow and thrive. To build a loyal customer base and increase your revenue. You want to become the “go-to” business for your target audience.

I want that for you too!

However, you may find as a small business you find yourself competing against other businesses whose marketing budget dwarfs your own.

Or between running around after children and all the other busy demands of a household and small business you don't have time to dedicate to planning a content strategy.

Maybe, you don't have the knowledge or skills to develop content for your small biz (let alone the time to learn)!

So, how can you be seen, heard and sell as a small biz?

A rock-solid content marketing strategy that won't break the bank or take years!

I am here to help!

My coffee addicted brain is yours to pick! I put all my knowledge, skills, experience and passion into crafting the perfect content marketing strategy for your small business.

Rachel Maree. Content Creator

Rachel Maree Values

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With me, what you see is what you get. I value creating strong relationships and collaborating with my clients authentically. There is no BS here.

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Your business is your dream.  You want to know what I am doing every step of the way to help your business thrive....so transparency is key! Clear, concise communication with regular updates and proof of what I am putting in place to help your small biz.

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Down to earth, honesty, friendly

Here at Rachel Maree, I love nothing more than a cup of coffee or tea and a chat. I pride myself on being approachable, friendly and honest.

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Your business is NUMBER ONE

Nothing makes me happier than knowing my clients feel comfortable, supported and listened to. You know your business better than anyone, and you want a writer who will listen and take the time to get to know the ins and outs of your business too.

All of my best tips and tools for content creation.

Delivered in easy, actionable ways to have you creating kick-arse content straight away.

Grab your FREE copy of:

"Mastering Content Marketing: An Essential Guide For Small Biz Mums"

when you sign up today!


Get in touch

Rachel Maree. Small Business Content Creator.

Helping small business across Australia master their content strategy!

Located in Melbourne, Australia.

Contact: [email protected]

Don't forget to follow the blog or my social media profiles for advice, tips and tools to master content writing for your small biz.

You can also find me on Medium - an amazing place for publishing articles.

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