Avoid The Rat Race And Focus On Engagement Instead

Warning: Unpopular opinion.

This may make me unpopular…but getting your small biz seen and heard is about ENGAGEMENT, not followers.

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Visibility is not a numbers game.

It is not a popularity contest.

Visibility is not about how many followers you have on Instagram or Facebook.

It is not about your reels or Tik Tok videos going viral.

And it most definitely is NOT about views and getting the most followers.

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So what is visibility about?

Your visibility is about growing an engaged audience of YOUR TRIBE! You know, those peeps who just get you and WANT the service or product you are selling.
It is about nurturing your community of peeps who genuinely love your small biz and will recommend you to everyone they know!

You want your followers to actively comment, like and share your content (from social media posts to blog content).

You don’t want to get stuck in the rat race of numbers. This is a sure fire way to become overwhelmed and burnt out as you try to compete with all those around you.

Instead of focusing on the numbers, bring the focus back to your ideal customer (IC).

Create content that speaks to them and inspires ENGAGEMENT rather than how many people are following you.

Why is engagement more important than numbers?

Think about it like this.

You could have 10,000 followers but NO engagement. All your beautiful content will be lost amongst the sea of all the other content out there. This number of followers (whilst impressive) is meaningless if no one is seeing or engaging with your content. It means no leads, no potential customers, no visibility. And no income.

But, if you have even just 100 engaged followers, they will like, comment and share your beautiful content. And what does this do? It increases your reach and visibility to your TARGET AUDIENCE. It grows your tribe of people who are interested in your business, therefore are more likely to engage and interact with your content.

And this means more people buying or investing in your small biz! Cha Ching!

Engagement influences your visibility.

Shares and comments on your content show that particular social media platform that what you are creating and posting is WORTH engagement. The more people interact with your content the more the algorithms take notice. It shows that you are answering questions and creating content that your audience NEEDS and WANTS.

The algorithms are designed to show posts that the platform thinks your audience is most likely to engage with. This means your content is more likely to be shown on home pages and get in front of the eyes that matter…your intended customers.

Your content will be shown more often and to a wider range of people, but still within your target audience!

Engagement boosts visibility and builds relationships.

Content marketing is all about growing your small biz organically and authentically. It is a way to boost visibility through engagement and to build relationships with your potential customers. 

Building these relationships is critical to the success of your business. These relationships will not only provide a source of income for your small biz, but they help to grow and boost your visibility. These loyal customers that you have nurtured will recommend you to everyone they know! This is amazing free marketing, and means your small biz will continue to grow an engaged audience who WANT TO BUY FROM YOU!

So how do you foster authentic engagement to boost the visibility of your small biz?

  • Establish a unique brand voice and show it in all your amazing content and social media posts!
  • Create content your audience WANTS to consume. Don’t tell them what you want to hear, use “social listening” to answer their questions and create engaging content. Every piece of content should be aimed at your IC and what they will find most valuable.
  • Look at your insights and analyse your best-performing content. Use that to inspire more content!
  • Engage with your followers – don’t just post and run. Keep the conversation going by replying to comments and thanking those who share.
  • Check insights and make sure you are posting at optimum times for your audience.
  • Be consistent! I am a huge advocate for creating a schedule and content planner that works for YOU. You don’t have to post every single day. Instead focus on quality content that engages and excites your audience. If that is only 3 times a week, then so be it. If you try to post every single day when you don’t have the time or energy…it will lead to overwhelm and burn out. Focus on quality content and a schedule that engages your audience but fits in with you.

🤫 Psstt…grab this handy content planner to help schedule all your compelling content to have your small biz seen, heard and loved! 😍

What have we learnt today?

Numbers mean nothing.

Content that engages, excites and targets your ideal customer is key!

So, rather than focus on how many followers…focus on how much engagement you get. Spend the time to nurture your audience and start conversations.

Build a community around your small biz because at the end of the day that is what will keep your biz growing and thriving. 

👉What are you going to do today to start building your tribe? Drop into the comments and let us know!


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Avoid The Rat Race And Focus On Engagement InsteadAvoid The Rat Race And Focus On Engagement InsteadAvoid The Rat Race And Focus On Engagement InsteadAvoid The Rat Race And Focus On Engagement InsteadAvoid The Rat Race And Focus On Engagement Instead

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