Awareness: The Beginning of The Buyer Journey

A Powerful Tool For Your Content Strategy.

Awareness is the first stage of the Buyer’s Journey and presents a prime opportunity for you to get your small biz noticed by your ideal customers (IC).

The Buyers CycleQuick recap of the buyer’s journey:

The buyer’s journey consists of three stages your IC moves through when making a buying decision.

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Decision


This journey guides content marketing efforts and helps you understand the thoughts, feelings and needs of your IC at each stage.

This helps you create highly targeted content that will excite, engage and nurture your target audience.

You can see why knowing your target audience, or IC, is vital to your content strategies.

The key is to develop your Buyer Persona (aka IC) and set out:

  • what they will be thinking and feeling at each stage of the journey.
  • what are their pain points and goals?
  • at each stage they will have different needs and wants.

Remember that moving through this buyer’s journey is fluid, not a straight shot from start to end. Your IC is only human, after all. They will move back and forwards and all around! This is why a content strategy that incorporates all these stages is essential to having your small biz seen, heard and loved.

Here is an amazing tool to help you develop your Buyer Person’s and map out their buying journey:


Buyer persona template and guide

Awareness, the first stage of the buying journey.

Once you have delved into WHO your ideal customer is and their pain points you will be able to identify their different thoughts, feelings, problems and goals at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

At this first stage, your IC first becomes aware that they have a problem, a need or a roadblock to them achieving something. And they want answers!

So what do they do? They jump online and start researching and looking for solutions. This is a golden opportunity for you to create content that gives them exactly that.

Right now, the solution isn’t immediately clear to your IC and that is what your small biz content is going to clear up.

What you should think about at the “awareness” stage.

  • The biggest challenges and roadblocks your IC has at this stage.
  • They are only JUST realising they have a problem, so what questions do they have? What do they want or need?
  • Where are your IC looking for answers and solutions?
  • What format or types of content are they consuming?

What types of content suit the awareness stage best?

Remember, this may be the first time your IC stumbles across your small biz, so you should aim to create amazing content that educates and inspires them to take action and engage with your posts.

Develop content pieces that are not only informative and answer questions but show your unique selling point and how amazing your small biz is.

  • Blog posts that answer questions and introduce your brand
  • Landing pages that highlight your small biz and the solutions you offer.
  • Ebooks
  • Guides
  • Checklists
  • Infographics
  • Industry reports
  • Social media posts
  • Focus on pain points

Moving from awareness to consideration.

The next stage of the buyer’s journey is consideration.

So how do you guide your IC through to the next stage?

It all comes down to compelling content and engagement. The awareness stage is about introducing your small business and establishing your brand as a go-to source.Click To Tweet

Absolutely do NOT go for a hard sell here. People don’t want to buy from brands they don’t know or are not familiar with. You have to spend time building trust and credibility. And that is what content marketing is all about.

So think about introducing your small biz and telling your story. This is an opportunity to get your name out there and create an amazing first impression.

The 4 EASE Pillars and the Buyer’s Journey.

Before you move onto the next blog post on the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey, have you heard about The 4 EASE Pillars?

These pillars provide a powerful framework for a compelling content strategy to have your small biz seen, heard and loved. They step your IC through their journey, guiding them from stranger to a loyal, repeat customer.

Check out the mini-course now and get started with your compelling content strategy.

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Awareness: The Beginning of The Buyer JourneyAwareness: The Beginning of The Buyer JourneyAwareness: The Beginning of The Buyer JourneyAwareness: The Beginning of The Buyer JourneyAwareness: The Beginning of The Buyer Journey

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