Decision: The End (But Not Really) of the Buyer Journey

A Powerful Tool For Your Content Strategy. The Buyers Cycle

Decision is the final stage of the Buyer’s Journey…kind of.

This stage is where your ideal customer (IC) finally decides that YOU are the small biz to buy from. But their journey shouldn’t end there. There is still plenty of opportunity to nurture and provide value for customers! However, that is for another post.

For now, let’s focus on the decision phase and what it means for your content creation efforts.

Quick recap of the buyer’s journey:

The buyer’s journey consists of three stages your ideal customer (IC) moves through when making a buying decision.

At each stage of this journey your IC will have various (and differing) thoughts, feelings, pain points and goals. When you take the time to drill down into WHO your IC is and map their problems and mindset at each stage of the buyer’s journey you can create highly targeted content that will engage, excite and nurture.

This Buyer Persona Template + Guide will help you discover who your target audience is and map it to the buyer’s journey. This is an essential step to any compelling content strategy, so don’t skip it!

Buyer persona template and guide

Decision, the end (or is it) of the buyer’s journey.

Now you have identified your ideal customer and clearly mapped their pain points, thoughts and feelings during each stage of the buyer’s journey it is time to start creating amazing content!

At the decision stage you want them to have an “aha” moment. You know that moment, you have felt it yourself. Where everything clicks and you WANT to buy from that particular business because they have offered the best solution for you.

And that is what your content needs to do.

Your ideal customers have identified their problems, roadblock or wants and have considered all their options. Now they want to invest in the best solution…and that is your small biz!

So creating content aimed at the decision stage is all about selling your solution. But don’t be a sleazy salesman. Like, ewww 🤮. You need to offer value and person-centered content. Not just push people into buying something.

SHOW why your small biz is the one for them, don’t tell.

What you need to think about at the decision stage:

  • When deciding what business offers the best solution, what challenges will they face?
  • What questions still need answering or will crop up when your intended buyers are making their final decision?
  • Where are they searching?
  • What form of content are they consuming?

What types of content can you create for the decision stage?

You want to give your IC every reason to WANT to buy from you, not your competitor.

Showing how you solve problems and your unique selling point helps to sell your product, without being pushy.

Create content that shows:

  • How you solve concerns and problems with your product or service.
  • Success stories.
  • Testimonials and reviews.
  • Product or service comparisons.
  • Free product trials, consultations or demonstrations.
  • About us website pages/service pages/product pages.

How to persuade your IC that your small biz should be their final decision.

All of your work through the entirety of their journey is going to pay off now. Because you spent the time and effort to truly get to know your IC you show that you understand what they really want and need. Your amazing content has provided value, answers, solutions and built authentic relationships with your audience.

They recognise the value you have given by helping them learn and understand.

This organic growth and lead nurturing is what will have your IC clicking buy and ultimately grow your small biz.

The 4 EASE Pillars and your Ideal Customer.

I have worked with many small biz owners, and I know first hand how overwhelming content creation can be. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The 4 EASE Pillars help you brainstorm content that hits the right notes for each stage of the buyer’s journey.

This guides your IC from stranger to a loyal and repeat customer! Your content will engage, excite and inspire them to take action.

Check out the mini-course now and get started with your compelling content strategy.

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Decision: The End (But Not Really) of the Buyer JourneyDecision: The End (But Not Really) of the Buyer JourneyDecision: The End (But Not Really) of the Buyer JourneyDecision: The End (But Not Really) of the Buyer JourneyDecision: The End (But Not Really) of the Buyer Journey

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