Delight: Beyond The Buyer’s Journey

The Buyer’s Journey typically lays out the three phases your ideal customers moves through as they make a purchasing decision: The Buyers Cycle


But, there is a final stage. And you could argue this is one of the most important!

The “delight” stage, or as I like to call it, the “evangelist” phase.

This is where you nurture your customers and turn them into loyal and repeat customers!

Here’s a quick recap of the buyers journey:

During each stage of the buyers cycle (aka buyer’s journey) your IC will have different thoughts, feelings and needs. Your content should tap into this, and guide them through each phase until they click buy!

The key is to develop your Buyer Persona (aka IC) and set out what they will be thinking and feeling at each stage of the journey. What are their pain points and goals? What are their wants and needs, or roadblocks?

Here is an amazing tool to help you develop your Buyer Person’s and map out their buying journey:

Buyer persona template and guide


The Delight Stage, beyond the buyers journey.

OMG! Someone has bought your product or service. It’s time to celebrate! 🥳🎉

This is an amazing milestone and deserves to be celebrated. I am a huge fan of celebrating ALL THE WINS, no matter how big or small. It is what keeps us going!

And you know what keeps your customer coming back? Feeling like they are seen, heard and VALUED!

The delight stage of a buyers journey is often neglected, but is one of the most IMPORTANT parts. It can have a huge impact, especially for small  businesses.

You want your customer to feel part of your community, not just a number or dollar sign.

What content can you create at the delight stage?

Think about experiences you have had that really stand out. Was it a surprise gift with your purchase? Or a handwritten thank-you note?

There is so much content you can create that will nurture and engage your customer, whilst continuing to provide value.

  • A post-purchase email with a personalised thank-you and a video demonstration of the product.
  • A free gift included with their original purchase.
  • A personalised note (personally, I LOVE these).
  • Discounts on future purchases.
  • Emails with tips, tricks, hacks, advice and behind the scenes of your biz.
  • Workshops or webinars to help get the most from your service or product.

Why should you create content for someone who has already bought from you?

Simple. Word of mouth is a POWERFUL thing.

By taking the time to SHOW your customer that you are there for them, and not just the revenue you are nurturing relationships and building a loyal customer base. Repeat customers are fantastic for organic growth of your small biz. They know and understand your products, love what they have received and that you have gone the extra mile to make them feel part of the journey! This means they will tell EVERYONE about your small biz and how amazing you are!

Sounds pretty damn good, right!?

The 4 EASE Pillars and the Buyer’s Journey.

Have you heard about the 4 EASE Pillars mini-course?

These pillars provide a powerful framework for a compelling content strategy to have your small biz seen, heard and loved. They step your IC through their journey, guiding them from stranger to a loyal, repeat customer.

Check out the mini-course now and get started with your compelling content strategy.

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Delight: Beyond The Buyer\'s JourneyDelight: Beyond The Buyer\'s JourneyDelight: Beyond The Buyer\'s JourneyDelight: Beyond The Buyer\'s JourneyDelight: Beyond The Buyer\'s Journey

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