5 Essential Steps To Create Compelling Content

Whether it is blog posts, social media posts, emails, videos or any other content format there are 5 steps you need to take to create compelling content and make the most of your efforts.

  • Step 1: know your target audience
  • Step 2: develop your unique brand
  • Step 3: research your competitors
  • Step 4: content planning
  • Step 5: repurpose your content

Master Content Marketing: an essential guide for small biz mums

Step 1: Know your target audience.

This step is all about developing your Buyer Persona and mapping it to the Buyers Journey.

If you are a member of my Facebook group then you know I do go on…and on..and on…and on about the buyers personas.

But there is a good reason.

They truly are VITAL to not only developing great content, but to your small biz success. When you know WHO you are talking to and what their goals, roadblocks and problems are , you know what products or services they need, how to talk to them and where to position your content best so they see it.

Your Buyer Persona is a fictional depiction of your ideal client. You really need to drill down into WHO they are.

  • Likes/dislikes
  • Goals
  • Roadblocks
  • Where and how do they seek information?
  • How does your business serve them?

The Buyer’s Journey consists of three stages

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

Your buyer persona will have different goals, roadblocks and state of mind at each stage. So it is important to develop a buyer persona for each stage so you can create targeted content designed to engage and excite whilst giving your target audience the answers they need.

When you map your personas to the journey you will pull you intended customers through from stranger to a loyal buyer. All through the amazing power of your compelling content.

Grab this handy Buyer Persona template to get you started today!

Buyer Persona Template and Buyer Journey Map

Step 2: Develop your unique brand.

Today’s online space is BUSY! In a sea of voices and brands, how do you stand out?

If you don’t have a unique brand voice you will become lost in the sea.

When you take the time to develop your unique brand, you will find that you attract the RIGHT kind of people to your small biz. You will build authentic relationships and a loyal customer base who fall in love with your business.


Because they KNOW your small biz, they LOVE your small biz and what you stand for. You have taken the time to showcase what sets you apart from others and developed a voice that makes you stand out and encourages consumers to check out your small biz.

Think about it, do you prefer to buy from someone who nurtures you as a customer, who takes the time to know what you want and need? Or do you prefer to buy from a stranger who is aloof and distant?

So, how do you develop your unique brand?

Well…naturally you need a name, logo and colours!

But what we are focusing on today is more about your voice and messaging.

Have you got a mission statement?

Your mission statement sets out your goals and purposes. It tells people your values and can show what customers can achieve or gain from using your products and services.

HOW will you help them and WHY you want to help them.

Think about the times you have read a business “about” page or their mission statement. I am sure the ones that have stayed with you have presented messaging that resonates with you. The businesses who have provided a powerful WHY and HOW are the ones that are remembered.

Now for your brand voice.

This ties in with the “personality” of your small biz and yourself.

Are you funny? Bold? Professional? Calm? Glamorous? Nerdy (totally me)?

The list goes on! Pick 4-5 adjectives that describe your small biz (and you) and these will help guide the voice you use and the style you write in.

Write down those adjectives. Put them somewhere you can see. I have a post-it with them stuck on the bottom of my computer screen.

Every time you develop a piece of content, whether it is a blog post, a social media post, a video or some other form of content, develop it with those words in mind.

Be consistent.

Now you are well on your way to developing a unique business brand.

Step 3: Research your target audience and competition.

You would have already researched your target audience way back in step 1, when developing buyer personas. This step is more about discovering gaps in the market and content, who your competitors are, what they are doing in terms of content marketing and how they are engaging their intended customers.

You need to put your Sherlock Holmes cap on and investigate:

  • What content your competitors are producing and how they interact with their audience.
  • WHERE are they getting the most engagement and on what types of content?
  • What is working for them?
  • What is NOT working for them? This is a great one to focus on as you can learn from their mistakes!
  • How do they communicate with their customers?
  • What areas have NOT been addressed? This is your spot to target.

I love to sign up to competitors’ email lists and see what they send out to their subscribers. It is a great way to inspire your own ideas and also gives you insight into what they are sending out, but also hit reply and chat to them. Those connections and that networking is valuable to small businesses and you never know when you will find your best biz bud!

Like when you sign up to my super duper amazing email list, here:

mastering content marketing: an essential guide for small biz mums.

Step 4: Content planning.

Ohh….this is my favourite one! I LOVE to plan.

Just like with buyer personas, I cannot state how important planning is to your overall content strategy.

And I am not just saying that because I am a planning addict!

A content plan gives you a clear roadmap of WHERE you want to be. It gives you a goal to work towards and a clear focus for your content creation efforts.

This is how I plan content, and how I help my clients plan (or do it for them):

  • Set your yearly goals. (2-3 is a good number)
  • Break those goals into smaller ones (quarterly, monthly).
  • Use those goals to drive your content creation.

Clear as mud?

Essentially what I am saying is that every piece of content you create serves a greater purpose. Your end goal. But without a plan you are blindly throwing content out and hoping it achieves something.

When you know what you are working towards it helps you create compelling content that entices your target audience, that appeals to what they WANT and NEED and will have them following you and clicking buy at the checkout.

This is where knowing WHO you are creating content for and what their mindset is becomes essential. (yep, I am back on the Buyer Persona bandwagon)!

Here is a quick example of what I mean:

I have set a goal of releasing a new course next year on content marketing aimed at small biz boss mamas.

Hence, I have started this blog based on content marketing for, you guessed it, small biz boss mamas.

As writing is where my strength lies, this blog underpins most of my content efforts.

I have already brainstormed blog post ideas using my 4 EASE pillars and plugged them into my content planner for the next few months.

I publish a blog a week and use that blog to create other content in different formats (repurposing is step 5 so stay tuned!). Repurposing this one piece of content still serves that one big goal, and as I have done all my research I also know it provides small biz owners with what they want and need.

Now I know what content I need to create and when. It saves me time, energy and headaches!

Grab this content planner and get organised today:

Content Planner template

Step 5: Repurpose your content to make the most of it.

As a busy mum of 2 kiddos, a registered nurse and a content specialist with a few other side businesses, my time is limited. So, I need to make the most of it. As I am sure you do too.

Repurposing content is not only the BEST way to make the most of your time, it also makes the most of your content creation efforts.

There is no need to come up with brand new ideas for every single piece of content you create. From blog posts, to emails, to instagram or facebook posts. That is a heck of a lot of content and fresh ideas.

No. Heck no! Nobody has time for all of that.

Instead I want you to take one piece of content and change it to suit a different format. 

Like this blog post. Originally, it was a series of posts I created for my Facebook Group, which I also turned into a handy guide for the same group.

I then repurposed that series of posts into emails for my subscribers.

So one idea has now been turned into 4 different content pieces:

  • Facebook Posts
  • Guide
  • Emails
  • Blog Post

Plus I have plans to further use this one piece of compelling content for:

  • Instagram posts
  • Instagram reels
  • Live videos
  • Pinterest Pins
  • Part of a mini-course + eBook in development


Lucky I have a super duper handy content planner I can plug all these pieces of content into!

Honestly, it saves SO MUCH TIME!

Come up with a super amazing idea. Create one piece of content, and use that as a springboard for many other content formats. Winner winner, chicken dinner!

5 essential steps to get started with creating compelling content for your small biz!

  • Step 1: know your target audience
  • Step 2: develop your unique brand
  • Step 3: research your competitors
  • Step 4: content planning
  • Step 5: repurpose your content

Loved this post? Found it helpful? Don’t forget to share it, Pin it and drop into the comments! I love to hear from you all (plus who doesn’t love the extra SEO juice from having you all share and comment). 🤭😉

May your days be full of compelling content, joy and plenty of coffee! ☕😊

5 Essential Steps To Create Compelling Content5 Essential Steps To Create Compelling Content5 Essential Steps To Create Compelling Content5 Essential Steps To Create Compelling Content5 Essential Steps To Create Compelling Content

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