How Can Your Small Business Gain Results From Content Marketing

Ultimately, content marketing drives results through lead generation and nurturing. With a consistent strategy your small biz will attract more people, build trust and authority and increase your opportunities to convert those readers into loyal evangelist customers.

Content marketing provides ample opportunity to be seen and heard in today's busy online space.

More visibility = more leads = more conversions.

And more conversions increases your revenue!

Content Marketing results in more bang for your buck!

When done right, content marketing can generate three times more leads compared to other forms of marketing. THREE TIMES!

Not only that, it is also less expensive than most other forms of marketing.

So for less money you earn more leads?! Heck yes, sign me up!

Now, what have these leads got to do with driving results for your small biz?

Simple, more leads creates more opportunity to convert those leads into paying customers! 

In short, it drives more traffic to increase revenue.

Nurture those leads for your small business.

Consumer values have changed. The old tactic of pushy, aggressive marketing tactics like “buy now”, no longer work. Click To Tweet

Instead, you need to offer your target audience value. You need to nurture those leads and provide them with reasons to like and trust you. Develop a content marketing strategy that shows who and what your business is, without using tacky marketing that pushes customers. You want to pull them in with compelling content that provides answers and solutions.

This is the heart of content marketing. Small businesses who create and implement an effective strategy will grow and nurture an audience of loyal customers who help spread the word and support your small biz.

How does nurturing leads drive results for your business?

Providing value to readers, answering their questions and creating a great user experience will have people coming back for more. They are also more likely to recommend your business to anyone they know.

Content Marketing increases organic search traffic.

Small businesses who embrace content marketing will likely see an increase in organic search traffic.

This is because many principles of content marketing use best SEO practices whilst solving for the user first. You should be providing value driven products and information and presenting in a way that uses SEO but written for your readers.

This helps your small biz rise to the top of search engine results and builds credibility.

And what do we know about ranking on search pages? That's right! Increased traffic equals increased leads which means, da da dum...increased opportunities to convert leads to buyers!

So increased organic search traffic drives results for your small business by increasing lead generation, building authority and providing ample opportunities for conversions.

Current, continuous and relevant.

A content marketing strategy is a great way to keep your small business in front of your target audience.

It helps lay out a framework for your small biz to maintain a continuous presence with current and relevant information.

Now, think about this. As a consumer are you more likely to buy from someone you have NEVER heard of, or from someone whose social media posts, videos, blogs or photos you have seen several times?

The answer is pretty obvious.

So, a content marketing strategy can drive results for your small business by developing your brand, creating visibility and keeping your small biz in front of the eyes that matter...your target audience.

The Bottom Line

Really it all boils down to:

Lead generation + lead nurturing = increased conversions.

Increased conversions = revenue. Cha Ching.

See, simple!

It does take planning and organisation (two of my all time favourite things). But with a sound content marketing strategy driving results for your small biz, you can compete with the top dogs.


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How Can Your Small Business Gain Results From Content MarketingHow Can Your Small Business Gain Results From Content MarketingHow Can Your Small Business Gain Results From Content MarketingHow Can Your Small Business Gain Results From Content MarketingHow Can Your Small Business Gain Results From Content Marketing

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