Get Started With This Simple Content Marketing Plan For Your Small Biz.

A content marketing plan does not have to be complicated. When you are a small biz owner you are busy enough without needing to learn all about content marketing (unless that’s your jam).

As a small business owner myself, plus a registered nurse and mum of 2 I know how valuable your time is. I know the frustration of seeing where you want your business to be, but you lack the time, energy or knowledge to drive it there.

So I have developed a very simple content marketing strategy for small biz owners to help!

A simple content marketing plan for small business owners.

This simple strategy is based on 6 steps:

  • Developing a “big action” plan.
  • Creating a “pillar” piece of content.
  • Using 4 EASE pillars for content marketing (this is da bomb and my secret sauce to creating many winning content marketing strategies).
  • Use the 3-2-1 method to develop amazing content (another secret I am giving away here! This one helps you smash out an abundance of quality and value-driven content).
  • Repurpose your content!
  • Rinse and repeat.

Develop a “big action” for your marketing plan.

Creating a big action plan is step one in harnessing the power of the 4 EASE pillars that underpin an effective content marketing plan. The EASE pillars provide a structure that will see small biz owners smash out a content strategy that will have them seen, heard and thriving!

The 4 EASE pillars

What is a big action plan?

The “big action” is what step you WANT your audience to take at the end of a content marketing campaign.

Is it to invest in a particular service you offer?

Do you want your customers to buy a certain product you stock?

Is it to invest in your course?

What is the BIG ACTION you want your intended consumer to take?

Defining your big action.

As a small business owner I am sure there are so many things you want to sell or offer your intended customers.

But, in order to develop a sound content marketing strategy you need to get laser focused. Now, that is not to say I want you to forget all your other amazing offers and products. No. What you should do is pick one thing to focus on for now, than move on to the next.

The best way to do this is to pick your most popular service or product. Don’t know what this is yet? Why not do a little market research and make a prediction about what it may be.

For example, a Social Media Manager may choose to focus on their Instagram Reels offer. Or a resin artist may want to promote their resin art chopping boards.

So now you have decided what product or service you are going to hone in on.

What is the next step?

Planning HOW you will lead your target audience to take that big action.

If you have not launched this particular product or service yet, now is the time to plan a launch date!

If you already have this product or service available, the timing does not matter so much.

I want you to open your content planner.

Don’t have one yet? Grab one here (it’s free)! It is the same one I use for my own content planning as well as for clients!


Now, work out a launch date (if you don’t already have one). Pop it into your planner. If the product or service is already available, simply choose a date you want to finish “promoting” it by.

From there we are going to build a content strategy that will have your product or service seen and heard!

Develop one key piece of content.

The next step is to develop one key piece of content. This will be your pillar (or cornerstone) content. The content that everything else will point towards. The content that will have your audience clicking “buy”.

This content pillar post can be anything you like, as long as it offers value, provides a solution and is developed for your target audience.

  • A long-form blog post (1800+words)
  • A video
  • A Podcast
  • A website page

You want to include in this piece of content what your target audience pain point is, how you solve it and what value you provide.

Let’s use a resin artist as an example again. (Can you tell I am currently obsessed with resin?!)

Target audience pain point: the want a new chopping board, but one that looks great too.

How do you solve it: Resin art chopping board.

Value: Beautiful hand crafted resin art chopping board made locally!

Using the 4 EASE Pillars for a successful content marketing plan.

You have chosen your big action item and developed a key piece of content. Now it is time to create the rest of your content strategy using the 4 EASE pillars. 

These EASE pillars are my secret winning recipe to many successful content marketing campaigns.

The 4 pillars are:

  • Educate
  • Animate
  • Sell
  • Evangelist

A quick recap:

The EASE pillars are designed to step your target audience through the buyers cycle and have them investing or buying from you!

the ease pillars and the buyers journey

They provide a guide to ensure you hit all the right notes to provide value and build trust with your intended customers.

In short, the EASE pillars give you a framework to create an amazing, effective and value filled content strategy for your small business.Click To Tweet

To develop this content I like to use a little strategy I developed call the 3-2-1 method.

Brainstorm 3 pieces of content each for Educate and Animate, 2 for Sell and 1 for Evangelist. You will now have 10 pieces of content (including your pillar piece) ready to plug into your content planner.

A good schedule to aim for is to publish one of these pieces of content per week. So by following the 3-2-1 method you have 10 weeks of content! AMAZING!

Need help coming up with content ideas? Grab this downloadable list of 70 content ideas.

Repurpose each of those pieces of content.

For example: if you are writing blog posts, for each blog post:

  • Pull out 3-4 main points and create social media posts.
  • Use those main points to create a series of Instagram reels.
  • Create a video using the blog post as your “script”.
  • Develop an email or series of emails to send to your subscribers.
  • Develop a free opt-in or incentive to grow your email list.
  • Create a guide, eBook or infographics out of the blog post.

See how easy it is to fill in 10 weeks worth of content? Not just blog posts, but social media posts, emails and reels too.

Repurposing your content is an amazing way to deliver value and engage with your audience and promote your business organically. There are so many formats you can use!

formats to create compelling content

Now rinse and repeat!

Choose the next product or service you want to promote and follow these steps again.

Plan out how many products/launches you want to promote in a year and you can easily lay out 1 year worth of content in a few hours.

I know, that sounds HUGE. And time sucking. And like it takes so much energy.

Well, it does take energy. And it does take some time. But it is so worth it! Once you have this planned out it will help guide the rest of your content creation efforts, ultimately saving you time, energy and headaches!

For my own business I set aside a day where I set out all the services or products I want to promote or launch over the year. I set dates and then follow the steps to develop this easy content marketing plan. I don't consider it a waste of time, because in one day I have laid out a plan for content for the year so I am never wasting time thinking about what to post next.

Now to find the time to write, record and produce all that amazing content!

Putting it all together to create the BEST content strategy for your small business.

a simple marketing plan for small biz owners

  1. Pick a product or service you want to promote.
  2. Create a pillar piece of content based on that service/product.
  3. Use the 4 EASE pillars to develop an effective content strategy.
  4. Use the 3-2-1 method to fill in your content planner
  5. Repurpose your main pieces of content to continue delivering value and promote your service/product organically.
  6. Rinse. Repeat.


Now, over to you! Do you have an amazing way to save time and energy when it comes to content creation? Why not drop into the comments below and tell me all about it. I always love to learn new things, especially when it comes to content.

Loved this post? Found it helpful? Don't forget to share it, Pin it and/or drop into the comments! I love to hear from you all (plus who doesn't love the extra SEO juice from having you all share and comment). 🤭😉

May your days be full of compelling content, joy and plenty of coffee! ☕😊

Get Started With This Simple Content Marketing Plan For Your Small Biz.Get Started With This Simple Content Marketing Plan For Your Small Biz.Get Started With This Simple Content Marketing Plan For Your Small Biz.Get Started With This Simple Content Marketing Plan For Your Small Biz.Get Started With This Simple Content Marketing Plan For Your Small Biz.

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