Is your small biz making the most of content marketing? Why they are the perfect fit.

Small biz and content marketing are a perfect match. Content marketing strategies enhance audience engagement, brand awareness, lead generation, cost-effective marketing tactics and a sound ROI.

Your small biz can gain a competitive edge over other businesses (big or small) when using content marketing.

Read on to find out more about the most important relationship your small biz needs.

What is content marketing?

To understand WHY content marketing and small businesses are a perfect match, you first need to understand what content marketing is.

Neil Patel says it best:

“Content marketing is a long-term strategy that uses content (in a variety of formats) to build a stronger relationship with your audience, capture their attention, improve engagement, and improve brand recall.”

It is a way to show the world that you are the best at what you do, sell or offer. Content marketing remains one of the most effective ways that small businesses can promote their biz. And this is why content marketing and small businesses are a match made in heaven!

The relationship between your small biz and content marketing!

Have you been asking yourself if content marketing is worth the time and effort to implement in your small business?

The answer is heck yes!

Small businesses and content marketing are a match made in heaven. They go together like cheese and wine, or hot chocolate and marshmallows! Separate they do ok, but together they are AMAZING! 

So, why are they so perfectly suited?

small biz and Content Marketing are a perfect fit

1. Makes your small biz discoverable.

The number one reason that content marketing works so well for small businesses is because you can rank on the first page of search engine result pages (SERP) without using paid advertisements.

Your business will be discoverable and visible by simply developing and implementing effective content strategies. This means you don’t have to pay huge dollars on expensive ad campaigns, where you need to keep injecting cash to maintain the advertisement. Harness the power of SEO and fresh content to achieve optimum and sustainable results .

2. Content marketing is cost effective.

Traditional marketing tactics can cost 60-70% MORE than content marketing strategies.

For new and small businesses this is massive. The cost of marketing could be the difference between you opening your doors or not. It could mean purchasing less stock, or even laying off a staff member. It could be that you are forced to make the decision between paying for marketing and outsourcing book-keeping, taxes or any other essential business task.

Content marketing is much more affordable. This means you don’t need to make those hard decisions. And, if done effectively, can generate 3 times more leads then traditional marketing!

Wait, let that sink in for a minute.

Content marketing is not only more cost effective, it generates more leads?!


Are you beginning to see why content marketing and small business are the perfect match?

3.  Content Marketing offers a great ROI for small businesses.

As we saw above, content marketing is cost effective. Especially for small businesses.

It also offers great Return On Investment (ROI). You don’t need to outlay a huge amount of money, like with paid advertising. Although content marketing can cost you in terms of time and effort, the actual monetary cost of it is low.

A strong content marketing strategy also delivers compounding ROI. 

What does this mean?

Great content lasts forever in the online space. Many years into the future your content can continue driving results and rankings. It continually builds and grows, bringing ongoing improvements to your website and business authority and ranking. Click To Tweet

So, for very little financial outlay a content marketing strategy continues to provide results for years.

4. Consumers want content.

Your ideal customers are hungry for compelling content. Why not give it to them.

Most consumers research online for solutions and answers to their problems. If your small business is not creating content that provides that, you are missing out on an ideal opportunity.

Check out these statistics that prove how valuable a content marketing strategy is for your small business:

  • After reading relevant, useful information about a product or service 6 out of 10 consumers are inspired to take action.
  • A regularly updated blog can generate 55% more website visitors.
  • 51% of people say they research the product or service before they buy.
  • Small businesses that blog generate 126% more leads then small businesses that have no blog.

The moral of the story? Create compelling content consistently to generate more leads. More leads means more opportunity to convert those readers to buyers and loyal customers.

To help get you started, grab this easy to use content planner. It will have you creating value driven content consistently and creatively! The content planner is the very same one I use to create successful content strategies all the time, for myself and many of my clients.


5. Strengthen customer relationships with great content.

Through effective content marketing you can nurture leads and consumers. This ultimately serves to strengthen the relationship your small biz has with customers. 

Content helps to build trust and authority in your product or service. The more trust, the more willing people will be to not only buy, but also recommend your small business to others.

Trust builds a loyal customer base. These customers will share your content which improves engagement and visibility of your brand. People will come to recognise and know your brand, which further builds upon trust and authority. The circle of trust is complete!

6. Content marketing promotes your small biz, without selling yourself.

When you create amazing content that resonates with your IC (intended customers), they will follow and share your social media and blog posts.

It is a great way to organically promote your small biz, without shoving it in peoples faces.Click To Tweet

You can provide significant value to your readers, beyond your products or services. This is way more engaging than just promoting your product 24/7.

I don’t know about you, but the businesses I follow on social media and email are those who tell stories, show their products or services in fun and unique ways and seem to want to genuinely engage with their audience.  Content marketing strategies allow your small biz to do this. You will stand out from your competitors, big and small, and make a lasting impact. People are more likely to engage with brands they know and trust then those that just "promote and dump", as I like to call it.

The perfect fit: content marketing and small business.

Like every relationship, content marketing takes nurturing and a little patience.

It can be labour intensive in the beginning, and can also take some time to see results. However, it is so worth the investment of your time and energy.

Content marketing is a cost-effective organic strategy with a compounding ROI that will have your business stand out from the competition.

So, are you ready to build a lasting relationship that will skyrocket your small biz? Get started with content marketing today.

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May your days be full of compelling content, joy and plenty of coffee! ☕😊

Is your small biz making the most of content marketing? Why they are the perfect fit.Is your small biz making the most of content marketing? Why they are the perfect fit.Is your small biz making the most of content marketing? Why they are the perfect fit.Is your small biz making the most of content marketing? Why they are the perfect fit.Is your small biz making the most of content marketing? Why they are the perfect fit.Is your small biz making the most of content marketing? Why they are the perfect fit.

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