The Easy Way For Small Biz Owners To Find Their Ideal Customers

Have you found your ideal customer yet?

Growing your small biz is about attracting the RIGHT people to your business.

And how do you do this?

You need to know WHO your target audience is. AKA Buyer Persona, Ideal Customer, Intended Consumer, the list goes on. All meaning the same thing…finding your tribe of peeps!

I have published plenty of content about knowing who your ideal customer (IC) is, but I came to the realisation I haven’t actually mentioned HOW to find them. Oops.

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First off, a quick recap.

Who is your Ideal Customer?

The easiest way to work out who your IC is (aside from using my handy Buyer Persona Template), is to picture who would use your product or service and why.

Knowing WHO your Buyer Persona (IC) is, is essential to developing any content. By knowing who you are talking to you can create compelling content targeted to what they want and need, in a way they find engaging and appealing.

So, have you taken the time to get to know your target audience?

When you really drill down into WHO your IC is, you will also discover WHERE they are hanging out.

Using Website Analytics to discover your Ideal Customer.

If you already have a website, now’s the time to set up Google Analytics.

It is a powerful tool that helps you understand people’s experience with your website, traffic, and where you can improve.

But most importantly, it helps you with identifying your target audience including:

  • Demographics
  • Age
  • Location

You can even look at things like “Acquisition” which will tell you what led them to your website.

Why is this important? Because it tells you where they are hanging out!

For example, when I take a quick glance at the google analytics for this website I can see that the majority of users are coming from Facebook or Medium. This tells me that my target audience is hanging out there and I should target more content to those places.

Make sense? Remember, finding WHERE your IC are hanging out will help you create a content strategy that will put your small biz in front of their eyes, attracting more people and increasing revenue.

Use Social Media Analytics to find your target audience.

Every social media channel has a different tone, style and user demographic, so it pays to investigate your analytics on each channel!

Analytics for social media can tell you who is looking at your profiles, when your target audience is most active and what kind of content they engage with the most.

The most important analytic here is to see WHO is looking at your social media profiles and if they align with your small biz. If not, you may need to re-think your content strategy. Why are you attracting the WRONG people? Is it the content you are posting? The time? Or is it that perhaps your biz isn’t resonating with the people you thought it would.

How to identify your IC as a Brand New Biz.

Now, you might be asking yourself how you can do this if you are a BRAND NEW business and haven’t developed a website or social media profiles with followings yet.

The answer is pretty simple…investigate your competitors!

Jump onto their websites and social media pages, have a look at who is interacting with their content, what types of content gets the most engagement, who their followers are and who they are following in return.

This can be tedious and time consuming, but by paying attention you can develop a great understanding of where your ICs are hanging out. More importantly, by using this social listening and competitor analysis you can identify gaps in the market or even what you could do better!

Talk to people and discover where your ideal customers are.

Many small businesses make the mistake of thinking they know what is best for their audience. But how about we ask and talk to our potential customers?

We may discover that who we thought we were targeting, is not actually the case at all.

So ask! Put out a survey on your social media profiles (don’t be afraid to post it to your personal ones too). Ask questions and start conversations. Join Facebook Groups and post there.

Ask people face to face! If you are offering a product that could help a friend, why not chat to them about it? Ask them where they would look for information or answer to their problem. Is it Facebook? Instagram? TikTok?

These conversations can be enlightening and provide you with so much information. Don’t neglect them!

Quick tips to discover where your IC is:

  • Website Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Research your competitors
  • Talk to people.

4 EASE pillars mini course to have your small be seen, heard and loved!

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May your days be full of joy, compelling content, and plenty of coffee! ☕😊

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The Easy Way For Small Biz Owners To Find Their Ideal CustomersThe Easy Way For Small Biz Owners To Find Their Ideal CustomersThe Easy Way For Small Biz Owners To Find Their Ideal CustomersThe Easy Way For Small Biz Owners To Find Their Ideal CustomersThe Easy Way For Small Biz Owners To Find Their Ideal Customers

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