The Buyer Journey: A Powerful Tool For Your Content Strategy

The Buyer Journey. The Buyer Cycle. The Customer Journey.

So many names to describe one thing! How about, for simplicity we stick to “Buyers Journey”.

Recently, I posted about “Buyer Persona: The most powerful tool you can use in your content strategy”. 

Well, the buyer’s journey is just as essential. And goes hand in hand with the Buyers Persona. (In case you hadn’t guessed that by the name) 🤣

A buyer’s journey dictates your personas frame of mind. In each stage of the “journey”, your persona has a distinct set of behaviours, needs, goals and ways they seek further knowledge around their problem.

Embracing the Buyer’s Journey means no sleazy sales tactics!

The Buyer’s Journey lays out three stages your potential customer needs to take before they buy or invest in your small biz. This is why knowing your target audience (buyer persona) is vital for your marketing and content strategies. By researching and developing a buyer person for each stage, you will create compelling and targeted content that PULLS your potential customer through their journey and will have them falling in love with your small biz.

Take note….PULL don’t push. We don’t want to use sleazy sales tactics.

Knowing how to create content at each stage of the buyer’s journey will help us lure in potential buyers and have them following right through to become an evangelist – a loyal repeat customer who shouts about your biz from the rooftops.

The three stages of the buyers cycle:

The Buyers Cycle

Awareness stage

Think way back to when you first started your business. What made you decide what business to create? Did you have a problem you needed to solve? Did you identify a problem someone else had that you could help with?

That is awareness. Where they first begin to understand that there is an issue, a roadblock or a need.

They start to research. They want answers, solutions or a product that fills that need (or want).

So, as a small biz owner you are going to create amazing content that educates your intended customers. You will provide them with answers and inspire them with your unique and fantastic products and/or services.

Think about:

  • What are their biggest challenges at this stage?
  • What questions will they have? Remember, they are only JUST realising they have an issue, roadblock, want or need. They are a “beginner”.
  • Where are they looking for answers and solutions?
  • What types of content will best suit their needs at this stage?

Consideration stage

Your buyer persona has now defined their problem, want or need and are looking for options to solve it.

Now is your chance to show why your product or service is THE ONE they should look at. You want to design content that motivates and inspires your target audience and pulls them along to make a decision.

Again, consider:

  • What challenges will your intended customers face during this stage? Now they are aware of their problem, want or need what roadblocks will they encounter when considering a solution?
  • What questions are they asking?
  • Where are they going to find those answers?
  • What type of content are they consuming at this stage?

Decision stage

This is the BIG one. The decision stage is where your target audience are looking at all their options and are working out which is the best solution for them. SELL YOURSELF!

Show why your small biz is truly the best to fix their problem or roadblock, or fill their wants and needs. Create content such as promo offers, free consultations, client testimonials and discounts. Give your buyer personas every reason to WANT to buy from you, not your competitor.

You need to think about:

  • When deciding what business offers the best solution, what challenges will they face?
  • What questions still need answering or will crop up when your intended buyers are making their final decision?
  • Where are they searching?
  • What form of content are they consuming?

The answers may be very similar at each stage, but take note of the differences. This is where you can create compelling content that will excite them to keep reading more. They will want to follow your small biz as they consider all options.

The Buyer’s Journey doesn’t have to be a cycle of headaches!

I have worked with many small biz owners, and I know first hand how overwhelming content creation can be. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You may be scratching your head in confusion about the Buyer’s Journey right now. And I want to tell you it can be really quite simple.

Use this handy Buyer Persona Template that also includes this amazing map that helps you identify pain points at each stage of the journey. Make sure you take the time to develop a persona that embodies each step – awareness, consideration and decision.

Buyer Persona Template and Buyer Journey Map


To make it EVEN EASIER I have developed my signature method “The 4 EASE Pillars Strategy”.

How does this help with the Buyer’s Journey?

The 4 EASE Pillars strategy helps you brainstorm content designed to hit each stage of the buyer’s journey.

You help to guide your prospective buyer through as you engage, excite and nurture. Your content takes a stranger and turns them into a loyal and repeat customer. And this evangelist customer will want to tell EVERYONE they know about your amazing small biz. Sounds pretty perfect, right?!

the ease pillars and the buyers journey

This journey underpins all content marketing efforts and when you tap into this cycle and understand what your target audience is thinking, feeling and researching at each stage, you will create compelling content that converts!  This leads to loyal customers, increased leads and a thriving business. And this is, after all, what we all want for our small businesses.

Check out the mini-course now and get started with your compelling content strategy.

So why not give it a try! Drop into the comments below and tell me one pain point at each stage of their journey your potential customer may face. 

Loved this post? Found it helpful? Don’t forget to share it, Pin it and/or drop into the comments! I love to hear from you all (plus who doesn’t love the extra SEO juice from having you all share and comment). 🤭😉

May your days be full of compelling content, joy and plenty of coffee! ☕😊

The Buyer Journey: A Powerful Tool For Your Content StrategyThe Buyer Journey: A Powerful Tool For Your Content StrategyThe Buyer Journey: A Powerful Tool For Your Content StrategyThe Buyer Journey: A Powerful Tool For Your Content StrategyThe Buyer Journey: A Powerful Tool For Your Content Strategy

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